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99 Cent DVDs

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Welcome to 99 cent DVD
The idea behind the 99Cent DVD is simple.  EVERY DVD on this site will be auctioned off for $0.99 or less, you simply bid on what price you want to pay for it, up to $0.99.  This bid is what you will pay for the DVD if you are the winner. 
The Winner ONLY PAYS what they bid, S/H is always free!
To enter an auction there is a fee of $1.99 which is refunded if you are the winner.   Only one fee is refunded to the winner, even if multiple bids are placed.

This is a BLIND AUCTION - In a blind auction the participants do not have knowledge of any bids placed by the other participants.  One major benefit of this is that the price can not be driven up.  Yes, you must pay $1.99 for the CHANCE to win the DVD, but as the winner you will NEVER pay more than $1.00 for a Brand New Sealed DVD.  Please note that these DVDs are the exact DVDs you can buy in the store.  They are not burns, bootlegs or Asian copies in plastic sleeves.

  • The $1.99 is the fee to ENTER the Blind Auction.
  • Click On "CLICK HERE TO BID NOW" button to pay fee.
  • By paying this fee it allows you to enter a blind bid.
  • You will be redirected to a secure paypal payment page.
  • On the paypal payment page there is a NOTES section.  In this section you MUST enter your bid.
  • YOUR BID can only be between $0.01 (One Cent) and $0.99 (99 Cents).  You may not bid more than $0.99.

How do you win? 
  • The HIGHEST UNDUPLICATED Bid is the winner.  Example: Bidder #1 bids $0.98, Bidder #2 bids $0.96, Bidder #3 bids $0.98, Bidder #4 bids $0.89.    BIDDER #2 wins having the highest UNDUPLICATED bid.
  • Each auction will end only after all 50 bids have been placed.  There is no time limited on the auction.  (Auction may be ended early due to an inactivity of bidding - in this case there must be a minmum of 20 bids placed for the DVD to be awarded.  If less than 20 bids are placed, each bidder will have their entry fee of $1.99 refunded)
  • You may bid as many times as you like.  EACH time you enter a bid you must pay the $1.99 fee.  Only one entry fee is refundable to the winner, even if they have entered multiple bids., Search Engine Optimization and Submission

Please read AUCTION INFO page before placing a bid on any item.
We reserve the right to reject any bid for any reason. All DVDs are brand new, never been viewed, and sealed.  This site is brought to you by Bad Ace, LLC and Bad Ace Tables.
All rights reserved.  Copyright 2005.
Any listed DVD artwork is not owned by this site and is used for informational purposes only. 
Please contact us if there are any problems,