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Below you can read about some of the differences between a 99Cent DVD auction (middle column) and a typical auction (right column).

  99Cent DVD Typical Auction
How do I win? The highest UNIQUE bid wins.
A unique bid means that nobody else bid the exact same amount. For example, in a single auction the following bids are accepted:
Participant "A" bids $0.42 (bid #1)
Participant "B" subsequently submits the identical bid of $0.42 (bid #2)
Participant "C" bids $0.69 (bid #3)
Participant "D" bids $0.75 (bid #4) <--Successful Bid!!!
In a typical auction, the highest bidder wins...and sometimes you pay more for the product than it's worth.
Can I see the bids placed? This is a blind auction, so nobody gets to see the bids placed. In typical auctions everyone sees the current high bid, which results in the price being driven up rapidly.
Number of bids allowed in an auction Limited number of bids allowed for each auction, making you more successful, more often. Typical auctions have an unlimited number of bids, decreasing your chances of winning
Maximum bid amount Up to 99 Cents is the maximum amount that you can bid.  No DVD will ever cost the winning bidder more than $0.99 The bid amount continues to increase in a "highest bid" auction, eventually reaching an amount that you're uncomfortable with.

We always auction brand new, factory sealed DVDs.

All Other Products are brand new and brand name.

Typical auction items can be used or donated items, not necessarily new.

In the case of DVDs they can be oversea bootlegs or burned copies.

Bid fee There is a nominal bid fee specified for each auction, usually $1.99 per bid. This Bid Fee is charged (not the amount you bid) at the time the bid is placed whether the bid is successful or not. The bid fee is charged each time you place a bid. A portion of the bidding fees are donated to our selected charity. None
Duration of Auction The auction ends only after the 50th bid is placed.  This may take a few days or a few weeks.  A typical auction last 3-7 days, but can be as quick as one day and as long as 10 days.


Our site is not like eBay, where you need to be the last bidder and you often get outbid by someone using some kind of automated bid and monitoring tool. With 99Cent DVD, you are the successful bidder when you have the highest unique, unduplicated bid. But, since this is a blind auction, where the close date is driven by the number of bids received, you can't just wait till the last moment to place a bid that wins the auction.

So here is what some of our most successful winners have done....they bid multiple times in a single auction. Bidding multiple times increases your chances of winning since we only allow so many total bids per auction. Also, they receive an email alerting them if their bids are unique or duplicate. This tells them if they need to bid again or not.

  • Remember, a bid fee ($1.99) is charged for each bid placed in an auction.

Please read AUCTION INFO page before placing a bid on any item.
We reserve the right to reject any bid for any reason. All DVDs are brand new, never been viewed, and sealed.  This site is brought to you by Bad Ace, LLC and Bad Ace Tables.
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Any listed DVD artwork is not owned by this site and is used for informational purposes only. 
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